Importance of Intention to establish positive Behavioral Habits

Review: The Importance of Attention’s Iteration Rate

The preceding chapter in my book Information Digestion Model dealt with the importance of Attention’s variable iteration rate. We made a few wild, although entirely plausible speculations based upon admittedly shaky evidence. Let us review our suggestive conclusions.

We started with a basic assumption from our Information Digestion (ID) Model: Attention is an iterative process.

Why? According to the ID model, Attention employs an image overlay process to digest data streams. Overlaying image upon image in endless succession is an iterative process. (The Living Algorithm is mathematical realization of this process.)

Perplexed (Quirky by Ted Rubin)

& the Goddess of Laughter

While sitting on a wooden bench in the middle of a public park, a man inadvertently wrapped his arms around the rungs of the back of the bench. Startled by a falling leaf, he tensed up and found he could not move.

“Help!” he yelled out to any passersby who happened to be walking by. “I am trapped. I’m trying to move forward but the Bench won’t let me go. The harder I attempt to move forward, the harder the Bench clutches me. Sometimes the Bench has even hurt me. …

Tapping into Planetary Energy via Mind

How do we tap into planetary energy? What does this even mean? Electric energy drives our computers and appliances. Heat energy warms our homes. But planetary energy?

Is it even real? Probably not. The planets only exert a minimal gravitational effect upon us; and all the other fundamental physical forces, while powerful, only operate over short distances. Even if interacting electromagnetic fields were strong enough to have an effect, it is hard to imagine that the planets have any kind of personality, say an aggressive Mars or an artistic Venus.

Although virtual, planetary energy can be a potent force in…

The Kiss (Quirky by Ted Rubin)

Waking Up to a Corrupted Reality

Kingdom awakens after 100 Years

(UPI)-Paris, Middle Ages — Today in the north of France, a small isolated kingdom awakened after 100 years. A handsome prince from a neighboring kingdom, on exploring the wild forests in the area, discovered an overgrown rose garden. He started chopping through the tangled weeds when magically it all fell easily away revealing a castle & a sleeping princess. While attempting to give the princess mouth-to mouth resuscitation, she awoke, as did the rest of the castle. The startled prince was then offered half the kingdom & the princess’ hand in marriage. The prince said he needed to think it…

The Whole Man before his Fall (Quirky by Ted Rubin)

& the Partial People

Once upon a time there was a man with a sense of peace, meaning, and understanding. He was a whole man.

There were many people around him who had no peace, no meaning to their lives, and very little understanding. They were partial people.

These partial people sensed that this whole man had something that they didn’t have. Because he had something that they didn’t have, they wanted to come closer to him. They felt vaguely that they could share some of his wholeness if they got close enough to him. They instinctually hoped in their incompleteness that they might…

There once a Body, which had a hand — The Hand. The Body’s Stomach sent a directive that it was hungry. The Body’s Eyes were attracted to a cerrtain shiny red Apple and sent a message to the Hand to grab the Apple and bring it to the Mouth so that the Stomach could have Food to nourish the Body.

The Hand grabbed the shiny red Apple. At this point if the Hand had just done its automatic thing of raising the Apple to the mouth to eat, then this story would have no meaning. …

Ravana, the Demon

The Mysterious Divine Plan

  • Rama’s ‘Evil’ Stepmother?
  • Rama & Sita behave uncharacteristically?
  • Ravana’s unsuccessful attempt to rid himself of desire
  • Ravana’s uncontrollable desire for Sita?

The influence of the Ramayana on the peoples and cultures of India and Southeast Asia cannot be overestimated. This classic story reveals some significant undercurrents of Hindu mythology. In Rama & Sita, Soulmates, we explored the transformative power of romantic love. This article focuses upon another significant theme that comes up here and also in the Mahabharata, a companion novel of equal importancethe ambiguity of evil.

The novel can be read on many levels. On the most…

The Virtue of Passionate Couple Love

  • Concept of ‘soul mates’ unique to Hindu Mythology
  • Pursuit of desires important to fulfillment of destiny
  • Evil desires of the demons lead to their doom
  • Romantic Love in the Secular Context
  • Rama’s Insistence on Sita’s purity, a patriarchal flaw

The Ramayana and the Mahabharata, both written thousands of years ago, could be considered the ‘bibles’ of Hinduism. The influence of the Ramayana on Indian and Southeast Asian culture cannot be overestimated. Theatre, dance, philosophy and literature have revisited the story’s classic themes countless times over the centuries.

Rama, the hero of the story, epitomizes the good warrior king. He has…

Plato, Ptolemy & Plotinus

Plato’s promotion of Astrology inspires the Greeks

Plato: Stars manifest Divine Order

Ptolemy: Astronomy Orderly, Astrology Useful

Ptolemy’s Physical Philosophy of Causation

Plotinus’ Philosophy of Mystical Correspondences

Plotinus: Free Will subject to Divine Justice

Plato’s promotion of Astrology inspires the Greeks

The ancient Chaldeans developed the main astrologic tradition. However, it remained for the Greeks with their advanced mythology and superior astronomical technology to carry it to the state described by Ptolemy. It was they who observed the heavens in fine enough detail that a precise planetary/stellar conception could be formulated.

Prior to the Greeks, there had only been the Sun, the Moon and the rest of…

The Art of Living and Dying

  • Introduction
  • Bardo Thodol: Liberation by Hearing on the After Death Plane
  • The Chikhai Bardo: The Primary & Secondary Clear Lights
  • Chonyid Bardo: To Follow the Bright Light & Avoid the Dim
  • The Sidpa Bardo: Rebirth & the 6 Lokas
  • Summary


The Tibetan Book of the Dead is a most unusual book in the annals of recorded thought. It instructs one in the art of dying. The Buddhist sect responsible for this manuscript holds that with death man passes into what they call the Bardo world. One remains in this world for forty-nine days and then reenters the womb and is…

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