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Ravana, the Demon

Ramayana, the Ambiguity of ‘Evil’

The Mysterious Divine Plan

  • Rama & Sita behave uncharacteristically?
  • Ravana’s unsuccessful attempt to rid himself of desire
  • Ravana’s uncontrollable desire for Sita?

Rama’s ‘Evil’ Stepmother?

Early on in the sacred novel, Rama’s presumably ‘evil stepmother’ has him banished to the forest and then manipulates events so that her own son becomes king in his place. On the surface, this is a blatant power grab that is seen frequently throughout history and in fables. Only concerned with furthering her self-interests, even at the expense of the kingdom, the evil queen places her son on the throne. She might even take extreme measures at times, such as having the rightful heir murdered or imprisoned.

Rama & Sita behave uncharacteristically?

Another incident that challenges our expectations occurred while Rama is in the forest. A Demoness falls in love with Rama, attempts to steal Sita, is mutilated, and goes to her brother Ravana, the demon king, for revenge. She describes Sita so well that Ravana falls in love with the description.

Ravana’s unsuccessful attempt to rid himself of desire

We’ve seen that Rama’s stepmother was not really ‘evil’. Instead her seemingly selfish actions were a necessary step driving Rama’s Dharma. Could Ravana’s motives also contain a hidden meaning?

Ravana’s uncontrollable desire for Sita?

Upon simply hearing about Sita from his sister, Ravana lost control of his mind. Even though she was obviously Rama’s wife, Ravana’s desire for Sita overwhelmed his every thought. The motivation driving the plot on this level of the story is clearly Ravana’s unbridled passion.

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